One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


I can't take you ANYWHERE!

As many of you already know, I have the goofiest group of children in the world. There is never a dull moment when we about. It is most surprising when it comes from Jack, though. He is the least assuming, low key of the bunch, so when he breaks out with funny things to say it just bulls me over. So, at the pool today we were lying on the pool side waiting for the life gaurds to finish their chlorine check and Katey looks over at me horrified and says,"Make Jack stop, he's too embaressing." So I look for Jack and spot him running from person to person, some people I know and some I have never laid eyes on, pointing at their bums and yelling, "those are your cheecky bunnies, then running to the next, those are your cheecky bunnies!" it didn't matter if it was a man, women, or child, age or stature! I just about died, the only thing to stop him was a cookie. I swear why do I even bothher taking these nutballs out into public!

Hmm, tastes gooood!

In our little neighborhood everyone is pretty tight and we like to come out in the eveings to let the kids play and to chat. One of our neighbors babysits her sister little baby a couple times a week. The babys' name is Baily, she's about 5 months old, and she is very pudgy and just as sweet as can be. I know it seems inconsequencial but the baby is african american. Several of the kids (all of them being 4 and under) call her brown baby. One day I was wanting to play with Baily so I snagged her for a few and took her over to my house. The boys were playing her, Jack was holding her hand and talking baby talk and Sam was playing peek-a-boo with her. Next thing I know Jack was licking her hand, I said why are you licking Baily Jack and he said,"HMMM, she tastes like chocolate, mom!"


Is Bush our President?

So at dinner tonight Katey wanted to be quized on her knowledge of our countries Presidents. We asked her who the first president was and she confidently replied, "George Washington!" Who's the President during the civil war asked dad,"Abraham Lincoln!" she says more excitedly. Then we ask who is the President right now? "Umm, George Bush?" She's not sure. Then Jack pipes up and says,"George isn't a President he's a monkey!"



On the 4th the kids and Jo went to a barb-Q with some friends, as Kyle had to work at the Stadium of Fire in Provo. During the festivities, Jack got stung by a bee and ran to tell Jo what happened. He was followed by an older child explaining that he did not know if Jack had been bitten or stung. The idea that he had been bitten was a quite shocking to Jack, who had not considered that to be a possibility. Upon questioning from Jo, Jack provided the reasoning, "he must have liked the way I tasted." He was a bit hesitant on the follow up inquiries into just exactly what he tasted like. Not cinnamon toast crunch, not macaroni and cheese, and definitely not offering any possibilities in his own. However, thanks to the arrival of Katey -and as we all know, older sisters always have the answers- it was revealed that Jack tasted like both Transformers and Spiderman. So if you are a cybernetic extraterrestrial life form, or have been bitten by a radioactive spider watch out, not only death or the military may be an issue, but bees certainly will.........they can't resist.


Chinese Zodiac

Today was a great and monumental day at the Kemble house. Kyle defended his thesis and it was a positve meeting and he is a go, not without revisions of course, but he WILL be graduating in August. So as a reawrd/celebration we went to a resturaunt that is a family favorite. It is a little whole in the wall joint named Great China. YEAH!!! For Kyle! Well, while we were there we all exmained the place mats that told you which and about your chinese zodiac. For instance I was born in 1979 so according to the chart on the place mat I am a sheep. It tells about the personality traits according to that and what other zodiacs your are and are not compatible with. Katey was very fascinated with this whole thing and wanted to know all about her zodiac, and every body in the whole family. She is a horse and wanted to be compatible with the rabbit. We went over it and over it and she was not compatible with the rabbit. So she says,"Ohhh, I really like them, I just dont know why I wouldn't like bunnies!'

Growing is a wonderus thing!!!

The other day the kids and I were sitting outside enjoy the evening as it was cooling down and it was starting to get dark and I see Jack just standing and stareing down at the grass and Katey runs up and I ask her what Jack is doing and she says, oh, he's peeing in the grass." Beofre I can react Jack has finished his business and is running towards me shouting excitedly,"Oh, MY GOSH!!! I did it, I peed outside, in the grass!!!