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Happy Mothers Day


Our Little Hike
Last Saturday the kids and I went for a little nature hike. We went down to what used to be the Walk In the Wild Zoo. First, we went to the water fall and the kids loved that and then they were done hiking. Of course, I told them no, and we continued on. Katey wanted to see the water fall up close and scaled 50 feet up the side of the mountain! She's my little mountain goat. Then we started on the trail where Jack had to answer the call of the wild and assert his manliness by peeing into a bush. As we walked further we had a lesson in looking at the beautiful flowers not picking them. We stopped to have lunch in a park where Sam thought it would be a good idea to squash a bug that then bit him and his hand swelled up. So we ended a wonderful hike in the woods by going to the urgent care. AAAHHHH what an eventful day.

Three Peaslee mom's & their babies. As you all know my sisters' Jessica and Julie and I all had our babies with in weeks of each other. The first of the babies to be born was Madison, Julie and Steven's baby. Two weeks later was mine and Kyle's baby, Maddox, then two weeks later was Jess and Ty's Baby, Joshua. Aren't the three of them so cute together?
Today as I am getting the kids ready, I look at Jack and he's crying. I ask him why he is crying and he says,
"Mom I can't wear this sweater". "Why," I ask.
"Because it's not good." I ask him why again and he replies by saying,
"Because it makes me look guilty."

"How does it make you look guilty Jack?"
"The kids in my class will know that my sweater is stupid."
So I ask, does the sweater make Jack look silly, is he guilty of a toddler fashion faux pas? Take the poll, if the majority says yes I told Jack I will never make him wear it again.
(Note:He made his best "guilty" face, too!)


Our 1st New Car!
This is by far the nicest car we have ever owned. It is also the first car we have ever had to make payments on and we hope not for long. Anyway, so from the beginning; it was the first car we looked at that day. We ended up coming back to because the price is right and I really like the small size of it and the customer reviews are really good. So the marked price was 11,999 but I had a wheels deals that said 8,997. The dealer said that he would sell it to me for that but it was non-negotiable. That was fine but I had to have my dad take a look at it. He test drove it with me and he said that it was a good deal but we needed to look it up in Blue book, Nada, and lastly Craig's list. We were looked through the first two and the price was fair. Next, we looked through Craig's list and found my exact car from the same dealership! The add said," For Sale: 6,994 mention this ad for the sale price." We couldn't believe our eyes! It seemed to good to be true. But sure enough he sold us the car for the Craig's list ad price. Doing you homework is worth it.
Mazda Mpv 2003
4 doors
power windows, power doors
7 seater
rear climate control
back seat stow-n-go
middle seat bucket seats
passenger middle seat moves to be bucket seat or bench seat
radio controls on steering wheel
(and so does Max)

Here We Come!
Congrats, Kyle! You worked hard to get there. Wish us luck, this is a huge move.