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Thanksgiving Day was just the beginning. It started out ok, kyle and I enjoyed the morning cooking together and chatting. The food was fantastic! We made everything from scratch and I really couldn't complain that the only thing that didn't turn out was the dinner rolls! i loved setting my table with all of my Grandmothers fine china that she gave to me. And setting out my fine silver was the special touch, we even had Kyle's Great Grandmothers platters! What could possibly ruin such a wonderful day. H1N1, that's what! It is more commonly known as swine flu. (The government decided to name it something else because ignorant simpletons thought that if they killed all the pigs it would go away. It is in fact a viral infection that attacks the lungs of swine. However, it has mutated and no longer resides in swine. Humans do not have a natural immunity to it so that is how it has become a pandemic.) Katey got swine flu and it hit her late Wednesday night and got worse rapidly. At it's worse she had a 104.7 temperature but she carried a temperature for about 10 days. She was in and out of the hospital for days for dehydration. She also suffered from hallucinations that were really scary. I didn't leave her side the whole time. Kyle also got swine flu and was throwing up all night after Thanksgiving. About a week later Jack got it and then a few days later Sam did. Luckily, the boys had had the Vaccine on board for almost two weeks so they did not suffer as Katey did. I thank our Heavenly Father that no one has suffered any long term effects from it.