One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


KEMBLE Baby #4

When we arrived at the Dr.'s office for the ultrasound the kids were all very excited but very intimidated by the dark room and the bed that mommy had to lay down on. But as the tech. started taking pictures the computar would make a noise that sounded very fimiliar to all little boys. It sounded like a laser gun, like "pew, pew". Jack got very serious and he says very shocked and amazed,"You killed the baby!" We could not stop laughing.

We have been very excited to have another, and our last baby. Intially, we had hoped that it would be twins, but as you can see it is not twins. Katey and I have had our fingers crossed that it would be a girl. But we were wrong again. Katey cried a little and I think I got a little misty eyed as well. But you know it didn't take long for us to get past that and start thinking of names and talking about what he would look like.


I want to thank everyone who came to the party for Kyle. It was a hit! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. I want to tell everyone though both near and far how very much it means to us that you have supported us through all this schooling. It has not been easy but it has been so much more enjoyable having everyone that I care about to shore us up along the way. To our parents (Grandma and Grandpa, too), our foundation, our corner stone. There is no way we could've done this without you. To all of our brothers and sisters in Washington, Oregon, Idaho. We thank our Heavenly Father for you. To our friends here in Utah. The Cloyd's, The Lanegan's, The Weber's, The Morris's. The holidays, the bbq's, and the times in between, have made this time here in Utah memorable. Till we meet again. A Shout out to our dear and wonderful friends in St Louis. We miss you!!!


When the time came for us to decide wether Kyle was going to walk or not for his graduation it was a no brainer for me. YES!!! I needed closure on this. To know that there was something to show for all this craziness. It was a very early morning convocation, but not any less emtional for me. It was so gratifying to see him dressed to the nines in his cloak and hood. Thank you for humoring me, Eight years of school, marriage, and children; i.e. alot of hard work all in this one picture. Funny that it seems so complex but this picture is so simple. I love you, Kyle. You are not just a Master of Art History but the master of this family and of my heart. Thank you for all that you do. Good Job!

Thank you Mom and Sherry for coming all the way from Washington to support us.

This year we did our fireworks on the 24th of July which is actually pioneer day here in Utah. We decided to do our little family shindig at Kyle's work the MPS. So the kids and I spent sometime at the bridge. Throwing sticks over the railing and watching them float under the bridge and eventually over the waterfall. Then we had a little car wash, just wasting for the sun to set. The kids love to work together. Dad set off all of our fireworks. The kids had ones that they called their own. That was fun. Then we did sparklers, and boy that was a treat. When those ran out the kids were just beginning! Isn't that all too true. But would you believe it! They all fell asleep in the car on the way home!

We are pregnant...again!!!

The Due date is February 26th, 2009

Yes, it true we are pregnant, again! We are so excited !)
Well, that was until the morning sickness hit. But we seem to be getting through it. The kids are doing so well with it, I couldn't be more pleased. Katey keeps wanting to see the little one, we are trying to convince her that she has to wait or the baby will be sick. Also, she wants twins, we'll see Katey. Jack will talk about it but he keeps asking, it's a boy, huh, mom? Right? The only things Sammy seems to be taking from all this is that it is so fun to pretend to barf like mom, ewww, Sam. We are looking forward to seeing the new one.