One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


Dear Mr. Kemble:

I am pleased to learn that you have accepted our offer of admission to the graduate program of the Department of History of Art at The Ohio State University. The Graduate Studies Committee was impressed with your application and is pleased to offer you financial support in the form of a Graduate Associateship (GTA or GAA) for the 2009-2010 academic year. The GTA appointments include teaching, grading, and other instructional and administrative assignments related to the History of Art. GAA appointees are typically assigned to either the Visual Resources Library or the History of Art Department office. All Graduate Associates are expected to work an average of 20 hours per week, and they receive a fee authorization, covering full tuition and instructional fees, as well as a monthly stipend for each quarter on appointment. The monthly stipend for beginning TAs next year will be at least $1300.00.

Providing that you make adequate progress toward your degree, we will continue to fund you for a minimum of five years.

The Graduate Studies Committee and the department are very pleased to be able to offer this financial support to you, and look forward very much to seeing you in Columbus in the fall. Please let me know if you have any questions.

With all best wishes.


Julia F. Andrews
Chair, Graduate Studies Committee
History of Art
Ohio State University


As a family we all participated in putting together Do-bops train. It was AWESOME! The train took up the whole room. Katey put the zoo together. Sammy was in charge of the train. Tack man did the construction scene. And lets not forget that we couldn't have done without Dad! He put the tracks together.

Kiki and I made this little or rather big doll armoire together. It took forever but it was totally fun. This is actually all made out of fabric covered cardboard. Kiki picked the fabric from out of her Nana's fabric stash. I loved doing this soooo much
I wanted to make another!

We are so lucky to have such a loving and thoughtful mother-in-law. She bought this beautiful

boiler and thought we might enjoy having. So the first thing we did was melt chocolate. The kids were allowed to dip their own strawberries. We all enjoyed eating these yummy chocolatey morsels.

I can't take you people any where!

So the other day my niece Madisen and I were at the store with the kids and they have this nifty machine that grinds your peanuts or almonds in this case, into peanut butter. So I bought just a little bit of it to give it a try. While it is being ground and squeezed into my container DD and I both comment on the fact that it looks a little like doggy fecal matter. I turn to the kids and ask them if they would like a taste and proceed to offer some to Kiki and Tack man first. Do-bop starts to cry and says,"I want to try dog poop!" We are stunned and of course start to giggle like 6th grade girls. Do-bop then says all through the store,"I like dog poop."
Emma's first hair cut. She has never ever had her hair cut and I had the pleasure of cutting her hair for the first time! This is before....
....and this is after. She was a very good girl and the hair cut ain't too bad either!

My reluctant Super Hero!