One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


Chance Rocks!

My nephew Chance has a fabulous sense of humor. He just recently watched a video on you-tube of a guy that stands on the sidewalk holding up a sign that says "free hugs". He looks homeless but wants nothing more than to make the world a better place. Good video you should watch it. Well, Chance loves this video and he decided that he is going to do his own version of this video. So he made his sign and stood on the corner by his house holding it. He is giving away "bear hugs". I love you so much Chance. Miss you.

Another Chance story:

One day while visiting Chance gave me a piece of paper that he had detailed the itinerary of his day. It went something like this:

11:00 am - Wake up.
11:05 am - Eat cereal.
11:30 am - Go to the bathroom.
12:00 pm - Play video games until mom says stop.
1:00 pm - Clean my room because I have to.
2:00 pm - Take a nap.
3:00 pm - Solve world hunger.
3:15 pm - Go play with my friends.
5:00 pm - Eat dinner.
8:00 pm - Go to bed.
Congrats to John and Jeannette on their wedding. Good Luck on everything you do together!

Katey Party

Katey and I were talking about her day at school and she began a conversation about her report by telling me that she is behind on it. So I asked her how she felt about that and she said that she was a little concerned due to the fact that everyone that gets it done on time gets to go the first grade party. She tells me how the teacher is going to turn off all of the lights and put up a disco ball. There is also going to be cookies and punch and music. It is going to be so much fun mom, she says. She drew me this picture in an attempt to show me all of the fun she is going to have.Let me tell you a little about the picture. At the top you can see the disco ball, all the tear drop shapes all over are the spots of light from the disco ball. Katey is the main figure holding her cookie and punch. The six little figures at the bottom are all the kids who didn't get the reports done in time, so they are sad. To the left of the six figures is the table with the cookies and punch. Notice that she is the only person who got her report done. I love that kid!

Little Kid Logic

Sammy-do was watching while cutting bananas into the kids' cereal. He then says,"I like bananas."
"I know" I say, in return.
"Bad guys don't like bananas." he says in return.
"Really, I didn't know that." I say.
Then he surprises me with "Bad guys like guns. They don't like bananas."