One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


Funny little things.

Jack had a talk in Primary and this is what he said,"I don't know why and I don't always understand, but I know God has a plan for me."  (age 5)

Today at lunch just Jack and I were sitting alone, in silence for quite a while then he says,"wouldn't it be great if a caterpillar could lift a penny?" (age 5)

 Max's first words and sentence: "get up" (age 12mon)
Max's first name: Ka'y (Katey)
Katey's first words: "la lu" (love you)
Katey's first sentence: "grampa stop" (age 10 mon)
Katey's first name: "Cha cha" (her cousin chase)
Jack's first word: "num"
Jack's first sentence: "wait me"
Jack's first name: "Cha cha"
Sam's first word: "cookie"
Sam's first name: "DD"
Sam's first sentence: "Jackie rue" (Jackie's rude)

We were leaving to take Kyle to school and I saw a big pile of cookies and crackers and cheese outside by the front door. I knew instantly it was Sam who did it. I was getting pretty mad because I cant break him of the habit of playing with his food. When I asked him why he did it he said,"I was leaving it out for my dragon." I was too busy giggling to be mad anymore.

There is a house that is empty next door to us, it's been repossessed by the bank. The deck in the back has a gate that is open and has paint sitting on the porch. Well, my children and all the neighbor children decided that it would be a good idea to paint the deck. Good thinking guys! They are supposed to be playing in OUR backyard!

I got a "circle yes or no" letter today. "To: Katey's Mom Can Katey come and play at my house on my swing sex (I'm sure she was trying to write a T). yes or no."

A child's interpretation of a cliche as told by my daughter Katey: I was allowed into a group today mom. My friend Kennedy and her two best friends had a conference today about wether or not to let me in their group and they thought I would be a good addition. So they sweetly accepted me in, shook my hand, and said welcome to the group. Now I have someone to play with at recess.

Sam: I love cake **SluRp** He say **slurp** for every food he likes, he's such a doll!

The other while changing the shoelaces in Katey's shoes we had a funny little conversation.
Mom: Katey we got to hurry or you'll be late for school.
Jack: Or Katey could stay home and play with me.
Mom: No she has to go because it's illegal for her to not go to school and i'll get a big fat ticket and have to pay the government alot of money.
Katey: And you know how the man loves his money.

When the Stinson's were here over for Christmas 09 Tack told me he was going to marry their daughter, Adriana.  Some weeks later I asked him if he was going to marry Adriana and he said no I'm going marry Brooklyn, a girl at church.  Do-bop piped in and said, " You know the fat girl that sits behind me at church, yeah, I'm going marry her.  I like to hug her."

My sister Julie's daughter Emma was asked what she would like to name their new kitty, she said "air".  Her mother asked why air, why not breezy or windy?  She responded saying,"I like the way air feels when I go out to play."

We took Do-bop and Tack to Red Robin with us for lunch. Do-bop wanted a "Snoopy french fries" and Tack wanted "Volacoraptor burger".

When Kiki was about 3 all she ever wanted to eat was "Care Bear burritos"(bean burritos).

One Sunday at our new ward in Spokane we walked into the Chapel and the overflow was open all the way inot the gym and there was a large space behind the chairs and Do-Bop thought this was wonderful! He turns to me and says,"look Mom, I'n runnin," I said no. Doo-doo says,"I'n skippin" I said no He says,"I'n jumpin" I said no again. Finally, he gives up and came back looking so dejected.

Kiki called bananas "Malas" forever.

Tack would always say,"baby, baby, baby, baby" to Madisen. He was in love with her.

When Kiki wanted you to pick her up should would say,"I want ya, baby".

Do-bop's favorite food is bananas, candy, bubble gum. In that order!

Tack LOVES transformers and Pokemon soooooo much he can tell you all you would ever you could possibly want to know about them.

Maxi-kins has only two things in this world he wants. The first is me and the second is ice cream. This is his reaction when he doesn't get what he wants.

All Hallows Eve!

This Halloween has been a small, laid back affair. We went to the church for a Trunk or Treat and the next did the classic door to door trick or treat. Here in Columbus they split the city into quadrants so they can beef up the police force in those areas on the day assigned that quadrant. Our day was Thursday, so Saturday didn't really feel like Halloween. We already had Halloween on Thursday, weird huh? But it was fun regardless and the kids got lots of candy. Tack-man was the Great Pumpkin. Kiki was a Witch Kyle calls her a techno-colored witch. Do-Bop was a ghost.

Fall colors.

This Fall here in Columbus has been beautiful. I took the boys out to gather leaves to make some crafts and enjoy the fresh air

Do-Bop is our most adventurous dresser. But most of all he loves his goggles! He wears them to bed, up to the table, out to run to errands. He would even wear them to bed if we let him! You are sooooo cute Doo-doo.