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Chinese Zodiac

Today was a great and monumental day at the Kemble house. Kyle defended his thesis and it was a positve meeting and he is a go, not without revisions of course, but he WILL be graduating in August. So as a reawrd/celebration we went to a resturaunt that is a family favorite. It is a little whole in the wall joint named Great China. YEAH!!! For Kyle! Well, while we were there we all exmained the place mats that told you which and about your chinese zodiac. For instance I was born in 1979 so according to the chart on the place mat I am a sheep. It tells about the personality traits according to that and what other zodiacs your are and are not compatible with. Katey was very fascinated with this whole thing and wanted to know all about her zodiac, and every body in the whole family. She is a horse and wanted to be compatible with the rabbit. We went over it and over it and she was not compatible with the rabbit. So she says,"Ohhh, I really like them, I just dont know why I wouldn't like bunnies!'

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