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ooohhh pretty

At grandpa Joe's house in the basement there is a really big, flat screen, high definition TV. Jack has formed a somewhat unhealthy attachment to this TV. Kyle was feeling generous and put in Jack's favorite movie, Transformers. Immediately, Jack was impressed with the beauty of his movie on the really big TV. He ooed and awed a lot. Then at the part where air borne rangers are fighting the scorpion alien robot Jack got all excited and turned to Kyle and says,"Dad look at that! whoa'o'ooo! I would get my really big gun and boom that thing!"

BOOM that bear!!!

Jack is currently obsessed with bears and guns. The other day while talking to Lundie on the phone he told her a little story. He says," Last night there was bear in my room and Dad boomed him with a gun and put the bear the trash when he was done. Then the dump truck carried it away!"

terrific twos

Our little Jack is quite the little character. I always say that he is a 50 year old caught in a three year olds body! I just love this little guy and all the funny things he says. The other day I made egg salad sandwhiches for lunch and potatoe chips. He took a bite of the sandwich and wrinkled his nose but took another bite then set the sandwich down and asked,"what is this sandwich?" I said," It's egg salad sandwich."He then replies I can't this thing, it is a'scusting, I just like chips." He ate the rest of the chips and went down stairs to watch tv. He came about ten minutes later and wanted to try the sandwich again. He ate another bite then says,"Mom, do we have cheese, or mustard...maybe you can scrape this stuff off. I just can't eat this."

Welcome Baby Gregory

Welcome ...
Gregory Isaac Valencic
7 lbs 10 oz
20.5 in.