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Congrats to you Brooke! You are so beautiful! We hope that you day is a special one. Can't wait to see you, soon.


all dresed up with no place to go

While I was cleaning the house this morning I could hear Katey constantly telling Jack to, "hold still, I'm almost done." Then they came down stairs after a few minutes of that and this it was I saw...I asked Jack where he was going all dressed up and he said,"Mooom, um, nowhere!" Katey yells over him,"to a wedding, I'm a genius!". Where do you think he's going?

hidey pockets, ughh

Our little Tagger

Sammy-Do has by far been our most mischievous and most naughty (endearing term) baby. Lately, he has been getting into our markers. Just when we think we've got the situation under control we'll realize that he has had one hidden in his diaper. He uses his diaper as a hidey pocket. Well, the other day he started drawing all over the walls, all over the house. This is not cute or funny but this particular wall art actually looked like he had tagged it, like he put some real thought into this. SIDE NOTE: In this picture you can tell the stitches look much better but his eyeball has a big bruise on it. That's why it looks kind of bloody.

I know, I know

The other while at Costco I got to a new bathing suit. The bathing suits come on these funny looking body forms, to help you visualize the the look of the suit. I got home and tried it on and left the form on the floor. While I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror Kyle was lying on the bed; Katey came in and held the form up to herself, looked down contemplating the new look, then said,"I know, I know, I'm growing up"!


Congrats Natalie! Your the Best!
On Saturday, as a family, we were all out drawing pictures with chalk on the sidewalk. Having fun, playing, and enjoy eachother and the nice weather. I was watching out for Sam calling him back to me when he wondered too far periodically. As we were going back inside we called to him and he started to run. He tripped and fell to his elbows, he started to cry and I said, "Sam you ok, c'mon." Kyle then looked over and said,"Jo, I don't think he's ok." I then noticed that there was blood blood coming out of his eye and I ran over to him and swept him up it wasn't until then that I saw two little sticks on the ground. He was running with a stick in each hand when he tripped. I ran inside Kyle was washing his hands(so as not to infect Sammy's wound) and just then when I looked at his eye it looked like it was deflated. Later when he had cried all of the blood out you could see it was still there. We rushed him to the emergency room were they sedated him and Sam got three stitches in the corner of his eyelid. These pictures look really good, very clean. Now, two days later he has a black eye and a hematoma that covers the whole top half of the eye. Poor Sam. Jack was so worried about Sam that he waited up until we came home at 10:30pm. He was just laying in bed awake, waiting. Jack really loves Sam.

Thank you also, DD and Chris for waiting with the kids.


So I just have to share this because I can be so silly. Today I went to a friends house and had her put some color in my hair. I always have this hope that I can do blond and am always surprised when it doesn't turn out. Well, I thought maybe it would be prettier if I added some red this time. In all my careful thought i actually picked out a color very similar, too similar to my own color. to add insult to injury the bleach pulled a lot of orange, so on further thought I looked a little like a calico kitty. Not to different from the kitty in this picture! When I saw my hair after my husband nearly fainted away i had the green eyes too! So I'm thinkin I probably can't do blond.

Happy Mother's Day to All!
I hope that all you mom's reading this had a great Mother's Day. I for one had the best. My loving and ever attentive husband spoiled me rotten this Mother's Day, it was one of the best days ever. I got to sleep in, he took me to breakfast, my favorite meal of the day, and gave me the day to do what ever I wished. To my surprise, I also got some dresses. We went to the Springville Art Ball again this year and I was frustrated trying to find something to wear and so he took me to Dilliard's to find a formal. He knew they were having a sale going on, so for about 75.00 he bought four formals for me. I will obviously make some pretty undershirts to go under some of these by the way, mom. : > I couldn't find the exact pictures but until I get a camera these will suffice. Katey got me a beautiful poem/picture that really did make me cry and an absolutely hilarious cookbook that the was comprised of all the kids' recipes. I think Katey's recipe made the most sense. She even asked me my favorite food, it is a sandwich recipe.. It was the best thanks you guys! I love you, too!
Madisen Paige Cloyd
Graduating 2008!
Payson High School

Yeah! DD we are so proud of you!


*We love you*

Thank You!
Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for the Necklace. Plus, the "B" on your shirt (in the picture) Grandpa doesn't mean anything I just like the letter "B" Grandma is holding flowers. Love, Katey.


These are katey's Journal Writing's

Katey wants to travel very badly so she has drawn some pictures of herself in the places she wants to go the most. This one of of her in Japan. She couldn't decide if it snowed there or rained.

This other picture is of her in Paris. I asked why the Eiffel "Towel", that's what she calls it, is so small and she says rolling her eyes," I am standing in front
to get my picture taken, Mom."


art meets fashion

This is the unholy child of anime/art meets fashion. The artist Murakami was commissioned by Louis Vuitton to design the print for his new line. This is a result of the add campaign that we have posted, you should watch the video it is sweet. Kyle and I love it!