One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.



On the 4th the kids and Jo went to a barb-Q with some friends, as Kyle had to work at the Stadium of Fire in Provo. During the festivities, Jack got stung by a bee and ran to tell Jo what happened. He was followed by an older child explaining that he did not know if Jack had been bitten or stung. The idea that he had been bitten was a quite shocking to Jack, who had not considered that to be a possibility. Upon questioning from Jo, Jack provided the reasoning, "he must have liked the way I tasted." He was a bit hesitant on the follow up inquiries into just exactly what he tasted like. Not cinnamon toast crunch, not macaroni and cheese, and definitely not offering any possibilities in his own. However, thanks to the arrival of Katey -and as we all know, older sisters always have the answers- it was revealed that Jack tasted like both Transformers and Spiderman. So if you are a cybernetic extraterrestrial life form, or have been bitten by a radioactive spider watch out, not only death or the military may be an issue, but bees certainly will.........they can't resist.

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