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Katey LOVES Reuben sandwiches

Tonight we had Reuben sandwiches for dinner. I thought about cooking something else for the kids because it is so obviously NOT kid food. For those of you who don't already know, a Reuben is made up of corned beef, swiss, thousand island dressing, sauerkraut , all on dark rye bread. But I made mini sandwiches to see how'd they take it. They were all so good about it and just ate around the stuff they didn't like. But Katey LOVED it and even ate a whole big sandwich!!!

Katey says: and I looked at a picture of a Reuben sandwich it looked yummier than the ones we made for dinner. I really wanted to have it. It was 10 thumbs up!


Happy 29th Birthday to me

For my Birthday this year we played it low key. Kyle and I took the kids up to Manito Park for a picinic lunch in the park and looked at the Japanese gardens, which the kids loved. They liked the Koi fish alot. the we walked up to Duncan gardens. Katey wants to have her wedding there, how cute. Then we went to the Rose gardens. The kids got some clippings of the Roses while the gardener was out. After we dropped the kids off at the sitters Kyle took me to the movies, we watched Appaloosa (that's a western). So I had the best Birthday I've had a in a long long time. Thanks Katey, Jack, and Sam. And you too Kyle!

Happy 30th Birthday!!!

Happy Halloween
Halloween is viewed as the most popular holiday in America now. But c'mon, with stuff like this how could it not! This table setting is sooooo cool!!! We found this really fun stuff at Pottery Barn. The vampire teeth are placement card holders and the little silver skull is hors d'ourve skewers.

Having fun at the County Fair!

It has been years since either Kyle nor I have been to the fair. It was sooo fun! We went with Grandma and Grandpa, the O'Driscoll's, and the Rennaker's. We walked through the floral stuff, the sewing, photography (lots of cool pics), the art (that was sad). Then we had some really great food, the elephant ears were awesome! Then we pet all the animals! We saw calves, a horse, chickens with crazy feathers. The people of Spokane are breeding rabbits like crazy. There were a lot of really cute goats. We even got to see a girl milking a goats. Lastly, we got to go on some rides, thanks you Grandma!!! The kids went down the big huge slide. Then they got to go on the cup and saucer, the swing and even the boats! When it got to cold to stay it was finally time to go home.

Happy Birthday
Sammy's 2nd Birthday

We arrived in Spokane on the second of September and the very
next weekend we celebrated Sammy's birthday! We had it at
the park we invited everyone. Sammy picked out his own cake,
it was a Wall - E cake. He loved blowing out the candle, opening his presents, but most of all he loved all of the attention. Thank
you to the Wiltse's, Grandma Jan and Grandpa Jack, th
e Rennaker's, the ODriscoll's, Nana and Papa. The toys are great and he has hardly put them down. I love the clothes more though. But from our family to your thank you for making it a great birthday! Happy Birthday to you Sam!!!


Happy Halloween!
Especially, to all the kids that are going out!
Have fun and be safe.

Celebrating 8 years!
And hasn't this roller coaster been great?!