One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


Joshua Henley Scott, a beautiful name for a beautiful baby!We love you!
Congrats Rennekar family.
Maddison, you're here!
Congrats Julie, Steven, Abby, and Emma!

Max had his first bath, last night. At first he liked it but once his head got wet the fun was over. I think the kids liked the baby bath tub more than helping wash Max though.
Welcome to the world little Ben.
Congrats to you both, Jon and Jeanette!


The boys have revved up the created juices and have made a myriad of things. It all started with dinosaurs and now they have upgraded them to dragons and puppies. I can't help but be impressed that the boys have made these all on their own. So talented :)

Exploding shoe laces?

Katey got home from school and showed me her shoe. What the heck happened?! She said that she and her friends were playing on the playground at recess and one of her friends noticed her shoe and screamed,"Katey there's a mouse on your shoe!" This was all very startling, and they all started screaming and Katey said she tried to kick it off! Then another who had their wits about them said," Katey I think that's your shoe lace. But the question still remains, What in the world made Katey's shoelace explode?!
A while back Katey came home all excited because she had a part in the school play. She had her lines memorized the first day! Well after weeks of practice the kids finally got to perform and show us their stuff. The play was called "It's a Jungle Out There". It was a very cute place with spoken lines and alot of singing. I was very impressed at how well they all did and how grown up they all were. I was so proud of my girl, she spoke loud and clear and was very funny. Good job Kiki!!!


Katey's Leprechaun trap

For an assignment at school Katey was asked to make a Leprechaun Trap. She and her Dad put their heads together and this is what they came up with. They cut up the small end of a cone and then placed it cut end in the opening of a bottle. To entice the Leprechaun in to the trap they placed a silver round. She was told that Leprechauns like shiney things and like to break the rules. So she placed a sign that read's Special Treasure Keep out, where the Leprechaun can see it clearly.


Happy St. Patty's Day

Katey is such a great little artist. She drew this picture as a blue print for her Leprechaun trap that is supposed to be turned in on Friday. Her and her dad are going to make it together.