One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


Katey drew this picture for Granny the other day. It is a picture of the Nativity. The people in the picture are from left to right. Mary, Heavenly Father, Baby Jesus, Wise Man, and a girl Shepard. Note the star in the sky, too! It is so very precious, isn't it? And I bet no one thought that maybe Heavenly Father would be present, too! Merry Christmas from all of us. Thank you for the the beautiful picture Katey. (The lines across the pictures are because she drew it on lined paper.)

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Katey's Take on Families and Forever

The other day while helping Katey take a shower she was telling me all her woes of being an older sister. How hard it is and how her little brothers are soooo mean. I respond by saying,"Some people believe that we choose our families while in the pre-exsistance and perhaps even our birth order." She thinks for a minute then replies,"um, mom, I don't think so. I think that we just get what we get and we're stuck with it. Not only that but God says think about what you want, cause that's NOT what your gonna get!" I am always so stunned when she says stuff like that all I could come up with was," Katey maybe your partly right but God is not that sarcastic and does not torment us."