One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


Some pics of Max

Our Baby Maxy-kins @ 4 months!


Note: For those of you who have been there and those of you who are yet to be there but especially to those of you who are there right now, this is for you.

Confessions of a frazzled whacked out Mommy.

Today, I went to the store to buy the last few items for a dinner party that we are having at my house this evening. While holding the baby in my arms and helping my seven year old guide the cart through the store the other two boys help by putting things in the cart. Things started out well but quickly turned hostile in a matter of seconds. It went south when the baby began to fuss because he's hungry and I am desperately trying to keep the kids near my while I am unloading the cart. Next thing I know I hear an alarming sounding everyone at the front of the store including myself looks around trying figure out what the sound is, at that moment I realize at the center of the noise is my son Sammy pushing buttons like a fiend on the cash machine. Who knew that of you push enough or a certain sequence of buttons on a cash machine it sets off an alarm! Who Knew? I run over to snatch Sam away from the cash machine and he's screams like a woman being murdered for his puppy that has been left on the cash machine and look away from him only to see Jack laughing maniacally as he's running towards the other side of the store. I turn to Katey to ask her to hold Sams' hand while I go grab Jack and she can't respond to my frantic request because she is busily walking around like a blind man because she's got her dress over her HEAD!!! All while holding a baby who is now so hungery and he's crying so loud he's purple! My God, has everyone lost there minds!!! And if that wasn't bad enough we get home and I immediatly put Katey in her room and she begins to wail "we haven't eatin in years, I am so hungery" her bottom lip is flapping like a flag in a rough wind. Jack is saying repeatatively I want to watch Mickey Mouse Club House. I say no so he's throwing a tantrum and marching around like whirling dervish. Sam comes up to me and says "I peed, I peed". On what I ask and he points to his bed and all the dress up clothes on the floor. Sure enough he did. So I send him up to the bathroom to go pee in the toilet. I attempt to get Katey to help clean that up and she's saying I can't breath, I can't breath through her muffeled cries. So I take all the soiled clothes up stairs to the laundry and see Sam come out of the bathroom and his hair is all wet and he announces,"see Mom my hair is wet!" "How did your hair get wet?" I ask feeling dread in my little heart, I already knowing how. "In there" He pionts to the toilet. Lucky he didn't drown himself, I think to myself with a resigned sigh and a roll of the eye as he's screaming while rinse his head off in the sink. The baby still hasn't eatin but he's baby out with pure exhaustion from crying so much and now Katey is singing the blues because she still hasn't gotten lunch, not even a crumb and she is grounded to her room, I mean jail. Jack is sniffeling whilst playing the harmonica in harmony with the blues, counting all the things he can't eat in his room. I can only think of the song by Janis Joplin, Whaaaooooaa, cry baby, cry........