One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


Making Memories

One of the main reasons we moved up here was to be closer to family and to spend more time with them. Well, this Christmas we decided to go out to his parents and cut down a tree. In the past we have had a fake Christmas tree so this is a truly new experience all together. We went up to the property that his Dad owns up at Buck Creek and searched for prob
ably and hour. Kyle and his Dad found a tree that we perfect. It was down a small ravine so Kyle had to hike down and cut down our perfect little tree and he and his dad pulled it up with a rope. It was so much fun. Sam loved the snow he just couldn't stop eating it. Jack loved being out with the guys, he says he going to be just like his Dad when he grows up. Katey had a good time till she got to cold, then she started to cry. Poor thing. We took it home and decorated it. To be honest it was a little Charlie Brown tree , like but we loved it and the memories.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
(In this pic. this is just the first time it snowed 15"
overnight, now the snow is 1/2 way up the window!)

This winter has been a long one already. Had anyone told me how much it was going to snow up here in the boonies, I don't know that I would've moved! Just kidding! But really it has been a record breaking snow fall for the inland northwest. According to records it hasn't snowed this much since 1963. As of recently we have gotten 65.5 inches of snowfall. When the kids go out to play in is up to their waists. The snow plows can't keep up with all of the streets and the mayor of Spokane declared a state of emergency, and snow burms as tall as me and so wide that many of the streets have lost a lane on either side. The kids have been out of school for 7 days on top of Christmas vacation. Not to make matters worse but now that the snow has stopped the rain has continued. Well, that makes the snow heavy and now roofs are caving in all over town. It is literally a skating rink now! Driving is like off roading it is so bumpy and potholes in the ice 6 inches deep, easy! Now the kids have been having snow days just because it is unsafe to walk to school, being that there is snowy icey burms covering sidewalks and all of the ice. What a crazy winter.(Just for a visual the snow burms from the snow
blower are upp to about my dad's shoulder, he's 5'10)
You always see pictures of other peoples kids that fall asleep in the funniest ways and places. Now we finally have one too! We were all getting ready to go some where and Sam was kinda whiney and wanted Daddy to hold him. But as we were all busseling around he got ignored. Next thing I know as we all started for the door I look over and Sam has fallen asleep on a bin, standing up! He is so darn cute!


On Christmas Eve Sam wore a Santa hat to dinner at my Mom's and ever since loves to wear this hat every where. Well, today in the car Katey told Sam that she liked his Santa hat and how cute he was. In his little broken baby words he said," Not Santa hat, My hat! Sam's hat!" In the picture here he didn't want Dad to take a picture of his hat.