One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


I want to thank everyone who came to the party for Kyle. It was a hit! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. I want to tell everyone though both near and far how very much it means to us that you have supported us through all this schooling. It has not been easy but it has been so much more enjoyable having everyone that I care about to shore us up along the way. To our parents (Grandma and Grandpa, too), our foundation, our corner stone. There is no way we could've done this without you. To all of our brothers and sisters in Washington, Oregon, Idaho. We thank our Heavenly Father for you. To our friends here in Utah. The Cloyd's, The Lanegan's, The Weber's, The Morris's. The holidays, the bbq's, and the times in between, have made this time here in Utah memorable. Till we meet again. A Shout out to our dear and wonderful friends in St Louis. We miss you!!!

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