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KEMBLE Baby #4

When we arrived at the Dr.'s office for the ultrasound the kids were all very excited but very intimidated by the dark room and the bed that mommy had to lay down on. But as the tech. started taking pictures the computar would make a noise that sounded very fimiliar to all little boys. It sounded like a laser gun, like "pew, pew". Jack got very serious and he says very shocked and amazed,"You killed the baby!" We could not stop laughing.

We have been very excited to have another, and our last baby. Intially, we had hoped that it would be twins, but as you can see it is not twins. Katey and I have had our fingers crossed that it would be a girl. But we were wrong again. Katey cried a little and I think I got a little misty eyed as well. But you know it didn't take long for us to get past that and start thinking of names and talking about what he would look like.

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