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So I just have to share this because I can be so silly. Today I went to a friends house and had her put some color in my hair. I always have this hope that I can do blond and am always surprised when it doesn't turn out. Well, I thought maybe it would be prettier if I added some red this time. In all my careful thought i actually picked out a color very similar, too similar to my own color. to add insult to injury the bleach pulled a lot of orange, so on further thought I looked a little like a calico kitty. Not to different from the kitty in this picture! When I saw my hair after my husband nearly fainted away i had the green eyes too! So I'm thinkin I probably can't do blond.


Meredith said...

Thought the pic of the cat is cute, why can't we see a pic of your hair??? I promise I wont laugh!

Kemble Family said...

Yeah, so where's the picture of you? That's what I was looking for!

Meredith said...

Jo, thanks for the pic!! I have to say that you don't look like a calico cat, but I do have to say that the coloring is not you.