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On Saturday, as a family, we were all out drawing pictures with chalk on the sidewalk. Having fun, playing, and enjoy eachother and the nice weather. I was watching out for Sam calling him back to me when he wondered too far periodically. As we were going back inside we called to him and he started to run. He tripped and fell to his elbows, he started to cry and I said, "Sam you ok, c'mon." Kyle then looked over and said,"Jo, I don't think he's ok." I then noticed that there was blood blood coming out of his eye and I ran over to him and swept him up it wasn't until then that I saw two little sticks on the ground. He was running with a stick in each hand when he tripped. I ran inside Kyle was washing his hands(so as not to infect Sammy's wound) and just then when I looked at his eye it looked like it was deflated. Later when he had cried all of the blood out you could see it was still there. We rushed him to the emergency room were they sedated him and Sam got three stitches in the corner of his eyelid. These pictures look really good, very clean. Now, two days later he has a black eye and a hematoma that covers the whole top half of the eye. Poor Sam. Jack was so worried about Sam that he waited up until we came home at 10:30pm. He was just laying in bed awake, waiting. Jack really loves Sam.

Thank you also, DD and Chris for waiting with the kids.


Kemble Family said...

Oh, how sad! I hate it when kids have to get stitches! At least he was sedated, that's a pretty scary location. We've had eye stitches, too, and fortunately the scarring is minimal. Give him a hug for me!

Meredith said...

Close call!!! Hopefully he will learn at young age not to run with sharp objects.

kdaygirl said...

I like that u included the sticks in the pics, very graphic. He is a tough kid.