One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


I can't take you people any where!

So the other day my niece Madisen and I were at the store with the kids and they have this nifty machine that grinds your peanuts or almonds in this case, into peanut butter. So I bought just a little bit of it to give it a try. While it is being ground and squeezed into my container DD and I both comment on the fact that it looks a little like doggy fecal matter. I turn to the kids and ask them if they would like a taste and proceed to offer some to Kiki and Tack man first. Do-bop starts to cry and says,"I want to try dog poop!" We are stunned and of course start to giggle like 6th grade girls. Do-bop then says all through the store,"I like dog poop."

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