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Chance Rocks!

My nephew Chance has a fabulous sense of humor. He just recently watched a video on you-tube of a guy that stands on the sidewalk holding up a sign that says "free hugs". He looks homeless but wants nothing more than to make the world a better place. Good video you should watch it. Well, Chance loves this video and he decided that he is going to do his own version of this video. So he made his sign and stood on the corner by his house holding it. He is giving away "bear hugs". I love you so much Chance. Miss you.

Another Chance story:

One day while visiting Chance gave me a piece of paper that he had detailed the itinerary of his day. It went something like this:

11:00 am - Wake up.
11:05 am - Eat cereal.
11:30 am - Go to the bathroom.
12:00 pm - Play video games until mom says stop.
1:00 pm - Clean my room because I have to.
2:00 pm - Take a nap.
3:00 pm - Solve world hunger.
3:15 pm - Go play with my friends.
5:00 pm - Eat dinner.
8:00 pm - Go to bed.

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jefra said...

how sweet this is!