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So all of you have been asking what we are going to name the baby, so here it goes. I like options so there are a lot. I also like to hear everyone's opinion so feel free to mix and match, leave comments, and I'll also have a poll of names we've put together as well.
However, we don't name the baby, officially until after he is born. So it'll be a surprise for everyone!

(Find a happy place...)

First Names (The reason the first name is really centered around Max is because Katey said she would like to name the baby Max. I would really like to do that for her, I also think the name is super cute.)
Maxx - Latin; the greatest
Maxamillion - Latin; the most, extreme, the greatest
Maddox - welsh; good, generous, good fortune, champion
Maxten - indepent, ambitious
Maxentius - creative generous
Maximian - spontaneous, happy
Maxfield - Latin; the greatest, responsible, kind
Maxwell - English ; capable, expressive

Middle Names
Jay - German; swift
Apollo - Greek; Sunshine, warmth, manly beauty
Atticus - Greek; Handsome boy. father like
Dane - Scandinavian; God is my judge
Charles - German; free man, strong, courageous
Merrill - English ; Falcon; German, Famous of the sea
Harley- English; the hare clearing, clever, serious
Zephyr - Greek; mild gentle breeze
Ezekiel - God will strengthen
Nozoh - Choctaw; bless
Mishen - Choctaw; happy
Mendozet - Choctaw; holy
Indet - Choctaw; heart
Metea - Pottawatomie Indian chief - Greek; gentle

Middle names my kids came up with
Mathrin (cause it rhymes with Kathryn)


Stacy said...

I voted for Maxton Isaiah. But then I went to mix and match and I really Like Maxamillion Apollo. It's sounds steadfast and strong.

Miss you!

Queen of Chaos said...

My vote is Maddox Dane. It sounds well together I think. :) Good luck with trying on names for baby. It's always so fun trying to pick out the right one.