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Happy Thanksgiving To All!

We have had a good Thanksgiving, yet again. The food was fantastic and the company even better. My mom, myself, and Jessica, and Julie all divided up the Thanksgiving menu and that made the load so much more manageable. There was The Peaslee's, The Kemble's, The O'Driscoll's, The Rennakers, and Kyle's parents Paul and Cordelia. There was so much food it was fantastic , there was sweet potatoes, two different kinds of turkey, ham, and 8 different kinds of pie! Jessica had her turkey smoked and Kyle made a cider and spice brine. He even caught the oven of fire with it! I got to use my Grandmothers fine china that she gave to me and that was fun. Really it could not be more perfect. Except that Grandma Sylvia had a stroke and is now in the hospital. So, naturally, we were deprived of my mom and dad's company. We are all very concerned for Grandma and quick recovery. We ask at this time to keep her in your prayers for her to return to good health and spirits.

Thank you & happy Holidays!

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