One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.


Samuel Morgen Kemble

I took me a long time come up with a name for Sammy because we were never sure of when he was going to be born. Some of the names I was thinking of were Paul, Atticus, and oddly enough, Barake. I wanted to do an Indian middle name after the Pottowanamie Indians Kyle descends from; Metea, Mishen, Nozoh. But nothing seemed right. But when my Mom and Dad cmae for the babies birth he was born on my Moms birthday, our anniversary too! When Grandma Sylvia was pregnant with my Mom she had a boy and a girl named picked. If my mother had been a boy her name would have been Morgen. It was very clear to me at that moment to name him Samuel Morgen.

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