One crazy family that is on a spiritual journey has a lot of love for each other.



Almost four years ago while sitting in his German language class, Kyle met Adam and together they found friendship in what they refer to as," the class from hell ", but they are referring to the all idiots in the class, of course. A short time after we became friends with Adam (Dam, far left) and his wife Meredith (Mere, next to Dam) we also started hanging out with Randy(2nd to right) and Kathy(far right). The little girl in the picture is their daughter Adriana and she is between the ages of Jack and Katey. We spent every weekend chatting and playing. Soon though, we had to go our separate ways due to the furthering of our educations. Naturally, we had this grand plan of us going to the same Grad school together. But now the plan has gone afoul because their all together at WSU in Missouri and we are stuck here in Utah, with out our best friends. I shed no ill will towards then, I just hope their all having fun even though we're not there!

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