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Our new place!

So I've had requests that I post pictures of our new place. It is wonderful, it has everything I could ever want.

This is what you see when you come up the walk. Yes, that is a pine tree in the front yard. It is the only one in the entire state and it was planted there by the previous owner.The main living space is an open floor plan. To the left right as you walk in the door is the dining room.This is two views of our living room. The top picture is from the front door. The bottom is from the kitchen doorway.The kitchen is a galley kitchen. It is very cute. I love it!
The next four pictures are all just as you come down the stairs. This is the pantry, it's tot he left, it isn't done yet. The wall that has the black board on it; I am going to put shelves from wall to wall. Then I am going to build shelves coming perpendicular from it creating a T. This is the laundry room it ain't pretty but I just love it! This is to your right, across from the pantry. It has lots of shelving for all of the linens and blankets, room for storage and the ironing board, and a huge laundry basket with a place to hang up clothes!These two pictures are of the rec. room. The pic. above is to your right when you enter its my sewing and Kyle's office and to the left we have the t.v. down here. You can see a door in the pic. Through there is two full size rooms that we use as storage.This is the back yard. It is just the right size for us. Next year I want to build a play house. Just outside the picture to the left is a nice two car garage.

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