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Today as I am getting the kids ready, I look at Jack and he's crying. I ask him why he is crying and he says,
"Mom I can't wear this sweater". "Why," I ask.
"Because it's not good." I ask him why again and he replies by saying,
"Because it makes me look guilty."

"How does it make you look guilty Jack?"
"The kids in my class will know that my sweater is stupid."
So I ask, does the sweater make Jack look silly, is he guilty of a toddler fashion faux pas? Take the poll, if the majority says yes I told Jack I will never make him wear it again.
(Note:He made his best "guilty" face, too!)

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Grandma said...

I don't think it makes him look guilty, neither did the girls I work with. We did wonder if it had a pink stain on it?