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Our Little Hike
Last Saturday the kids and I went for a little nature hike. We went down to what used to be the Walk In the Wild Zoo. First, we went to the water fall and the kids loved that and then they were done hiking. Of course, I told them no, and we continued on. Katey wanted to see the water fall up close and scaled 50 feet up the side of the mountain! She's my little mountain goat. Then we started on the trail where Jack had to answer the call of the wild and assert his manliness by peeing into a bush. As we walked further we had a lesson in looking at the beautiful flowers not picking them. We stopped to have lunch in a park where Sam thought it would be a good idea to squash a bug that then bit him and his hand swelled up. So we ended a wonderful hike in the woods by going to the urgent care. AAAHHHH what an eventful day.

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