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Maddox Zephyr Kemble
February 17, 2009
6lbs 15oz
19 inches

We decided to be induced on Tuesday and the labor and delivery was nearly effortless. It took 8 hours, he was born at 4:43pm. He is a very good baby. The kids just love him. At first the boys were unsure of what was going on and seemed nervous of him, but now life is just a usual for them. We are all feeling the lack of sleep though! Kyle and I have agonized over him name. We always put a lot of pressure on ourselves, silly I know but I want everything to be perfect for this little guy, especially for his beginning. We chose Maddox because it has both Welsh and oddly enough, Pottawatomie backgrounds. Kyle is being a lovely husband and letting me have my eccentric middle name of Zephyr. I think its meaning is so beautiful, A mild gentle breeze. As I wrap this up though I want to thank Madonna, Jessica, and Ty for watching the other of our kids. My mom for taking me to the hospital and supporting me and her encouragement. Lastly, Kyle I love you my kind, dear, and long suffering husband, I love you. May we enjoy the next chapter of parenthood!


cldmt_chick said...

He is SOOOOOOOOO cute!!! I wish I was there to give him a big hug.

kdaygirl said...

I am so glad that all went well. He is adorable! Wish we could see him and the rest of the gang! Will you all be coming for Whits wedding?

Nelson Family said...

Your right, he does look like sam. But Max was supposed to have dark hair like you!! maybe as your kids get older their hair will darken.
he is beautiful!

Annalisa and Jacob said...

Congratulations guys!! I am so glad all went well and the kids are adjusting well to him. Can't wait to see him the next time we come that way!

Brooke said...
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Brooke said...

Congratulations! He is just too cute :-) Best wishes!

Queen of Chaos said...

You did it mom! Congrats and happy baby days ahead. Gotta love newborns.

Maddox is a cool name.