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Katey's Take on Families and Forever

The other day while helping Katey take a shower she was telling me all her woes of being an older sister. How hard it is and how her little brothers are soooo mean. I respond by saying,"Some people believe that we choose our families while in the pre-exsistance and perhaps even our birth order." She thinks for a minute then replies,"um, mom, I don't think so. I think that we just get what we get and we're stuck with it. Not only that but God says think about what you want, cause that's NOT what your gonna get!" I am always so stunned when she says stuff like that all I could come up with was," Katey maybe your partly right but God is not that sarcastic and does not torment us."


Meredith said...

No, I think she's got it right. The "man upstairs" has a wicked sence of humor that not all of us get most of the time.

Kindra said...

Wow! Kids amaze me. I think that we choose what we want, God gives it to us because he loves us, and it just so happens that what we asked for sometimes isn't always the best thing. So God wants us to learn to trust him when he says he knows what he is doing. :)

Queen of Chaos said...

I love the learning and young philosophies of short people. :)

I remember being upset that I was the oldest growing up. I here ya, Katey! haha

How have you been feeling, Jo?

Dam said...

Hmm, God having a sarcastic sense of humor might explain a few things.