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My first surprise!

The last couple weeks after having moved have been good considering all the changes this family has gone through, but we still have to go through all the normal emotional turmoil. The boys have especially worked the turmoil angle, as they are both going through the terrible twos. Sammy is also a very messy baby. So this evening he found some Halloween candy and opened, picked apart, and smashed about 30 pieces of candy. I of course, yell and carry on about how they all have nothing better to do then to seek out and destroy, blah, blah, blah. So I swept it all up into a pile but had yet to throw it in the garbage. Then after brushing the kids' teeth I washed my face. While I was busy with that, the kids apparently agreed to sweep up the mess and throw it in the garbage. So when I came down it was all gone. Jack immediately told me all about it and Katey said,"I just wanted to do something cause it looked like you were having a hard time, mom." Well, I just about cried, it was my kids' first real surprise, just for me.


singin'mama said...

How Sweet! Those moments really have a way of making it all better don't they?

LoveYaMissYa said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! Your Katey sounds a lot like my EmmaLee.

CarleySanchez said...

That is so sweet! You give me hope for the future :)