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Having fun at the County Fair!

It has been years since either Kyle nor I have been to the fair. It was sooo fun! We went with Grandma and Grandpa, the O'Driscoll's, and the Rennaker's. We walked through the floral stuff, the sewing, photography (lots of cool pics), the art (that was sad). Then we had some really great food, the elephant ears were awesome! Then we pet all the animals! We saw calves, a horse, chickens with crazy feathers. The people of Spokane are breeding rabbits like crazy. There were a lot of really cute goats. We even got to see a girl milking a goats. Lastly, we got to go on some rides, thanks you Grandma!!! The kids went down the big huge slide. Then they got to go on the cup and saucer, the swing and even the boats! When it got to cold to stay it was finally time to go home.

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