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Happy 29th Birthday to me

For my Birthday this year we played it low key. Kyle and I took the kids up to Manito Park for a picinic lunch in the park and looked at the Japanese gardens, which the kids loved. They liked the Koi fish alot. the we walked up to Duncan gardens. Katey wants to have her wedding there, how cute. Then we went to the Rose gardens. The kids got some clippings of the Roses while the gardener was out. After we dropped the kids off at the sitters Kyle took me to the movies, we watched Appaloosa (that's a western). So I had the best Birthday I've had a in a long long time. Thanks Katey, Jack, and Sam. And you too Kyle!

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Annalisa and Jacob said...

Happy Birthday!! Can you believe you are almost 30? Crazy how fast time goes!