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From our favorite book, Junie B. Jones

Katey and I like to read Junie B. Jones together. Junie B. is a kindergartener that is very mischievous and full of personality. I like the books because I feel like I can totally relate to Junie B. So here is an excerpt from one of the books. This one's for you mom! xoxo

Q: what is a nutball? Junie B. and her friends like a new boy at school named Warren. They are all trying to impress Warren with their wit and style. Junie B. told a joke to "that guy" and she thought it was soooo funny she felt on the ground laughing. Warren called her a "nutball". Now Junie B. is upset and wants to know what is a nutball.
Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren by: Barbara Park

"So that's how nutballs act,"said that Grace. And I should know. Cause' I have a nutball right in my own personal family.

I raised my eyebrows.

" You do?' I said.

" Yes, " she said. My two-year-old brother Jeffie is a nutball. Everytime we go to the mall, we have to put him on a leash. Or else he tackles people. And then he hides in the clothes and Security has to come."

She looked at me very suspicious.

you ever do that Junie B. Jones?" Hmmmm? Did you ever tackle people? And hide in the clothes and Security had to come?"

I quick looked away from her.
'Cause that was my own personal beeswax.

" Jeffie's not allowed to eat sugar cereal anymore, either," said that Grace. "My mother thinks that sugar cereal gets him all jazzied up."

She raised one eyebrow very curious.

"do you eat sugar cereal for breakfast, Junie B.? Hmmm?
Do you? she asked.

I looked away again.
'Cause guess what?
More of my own personal beeswax.
That's what.

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